the Change Collective


What we believe

Our vision

Spirited organisations know what they want to bring to the world. That is why they are relevant. Now and in the future.

Unfortunately, it is exactly this spirit that is lacking in many organisations. The focus is often on maximizing profit and short-term thinking. The negative effects of this focus are all over the news every day. To remain relevant in this rapidly changing world, a fundamental shift within organisations is necessary. Not only in the way they think but also in the way they act.

We strive to create organisations that are focussed on adding value. That are balanced and strategically flexible. Organisations in which everyone is fully committed to the same goals. Where people have focus, but above all energy. In short, what we call spirited organisations.

A spirited organisation is the result of an intensive process. This requires courage and a clear strategy. We support leaders in this process on a daily basis. We help organisations (re)discover their purpose and support them in shaping themselves to achieve maximal impact.

That’s how we change the world. One organisation at a time.